Saturday, December 12, 2015

Restoring grades for a student who accidentally unenrolled from a Moodle course

A couple of weeks back I was contacted by a student in the AuthorAID MOOC who had unenrolled from the course by mistake (although the danger of doing this was explicitly mentioned in the course induction section). She said she had almost completed the course and she was understandably in panic.

Comparison of Moodle Lesson, Moodle Book, eXeLearning

Yesterday I created a spreadsheet at work to compare three content authoring tools: Moodle Lesson, Moodle Book, and eXeLearning. Here it is:

Friday, December 11, 2015

E-learning and other bad words

The "e" in "e-learning" troubles me. As long as it's there, "e-learning" will always seem like something separate from "learning". 

Some other words I don't like:
  • E-resource (seemingly anything online can be an e-resource)
  • Module (to refer to a lesson or unit)
  • Virtual learning environment (does learning occur "virtually" on it and not in reality?)
  • Learning management system (Big Brother would certainly like such a system connected through single-sign-on to his Mind Control Management System)
I like words such as...
  • Learning platform (I don't think we need to say "online learning platform" anymore. We are in the age of the platform after all.)
  • Lesson (with words such as online, interactive, downloadable, etc. to describe it)
  • Document, spreadsheet, slide set
  • Quiz (with words such as multiple-choice, adaptive, timed, automatically scored, etc. to describe it)
  • Assignment
  • Forum
  • Unit (which may contain content and activities) 
  • Course (as long as it's used to refer to a proper course and not just a set of "e-learning modules"--gah!)