Sunday, November 10, 2019

How to display a digital badge from a Moodle site on an Open Badges portfolio

(This post has been updated in 2019 following the transition of Open Badges from the Mozilla platform to the Badgr platform.)

Have you received a digital badge?
If you've received a badge from a Moodle site where you've completed an online course, you'll usually be notified by email, for example:

Click one of the links in the email to access the badge on the Moodle site. You'll see your name, the issuer name, and other details. For example:

If you know you've received a badge but don't get this email, don't worry. You can access the badge on your Moodle site by visiting <your Moodle site address>/badges/mybadges.php

Adding your badge on 
Step 1: Download the badge from your Moodle site by clicking the 'download' link that appears right under the badge. (You may also see an option to add the badge directly to a backpack, but if you don't see this link or it doesn't work, you can add the badge manually to a badge portfolio by following the steps below.) 

Step 2: Create an account on the website. 

Step 3: Login to your account on and click the 'Add badge' button. Upload the image file of the badge that you downloaded from your Moodle site. 

Step 4: Adding a badge doesn't automatically make it public. If you would like to display your badge publicly, you have to create a badge collection. Click on the 'Collections' tab in your Badgr account and then click 'Create collection'. 

Step 5: Drag the badge you have uploaded into the collection you have just created. 

Step 6: Enable the 'Public' option right under the collection. Then click the 'Share' link to get the public link to your collection. 

Step 7: Add the public link anywhere you'd like! Any time you want to add a new badge to this public collection or to a new collection, simply repeat the above steps.


  1. And there are tons of companies in South Africa that specialise in name badges. With all these options, however, it can be challenging to pick the right company.

    1. I tried adding my badges to My Collections but a notification shows saying
      You cannot currently add badges to collections on mobile, but you can still share them.

  2. Thanks a lot for this course, Really it was appetizing, appealing, and find this wonderful increment in my knowledge.

  3. I made an account on Badgr then verified it. But when I try to upload the badge it gives me this error message:
    "Failed to upload badge: The recipient does not match any of your verified emails".
    Anyone knows how to fix this?