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I'm Ravi Murugesan and I'm a small business owner in India providing services through my firm Wide Learning. I've been working with Moodle for nearly ten years. In 2011 I was hired by an international development charity in the UK to help introduce e-learning and I made a strong case for Moodle. Luckily my proposal was accepted and there's been no looking back: the Moodle site has grown to nearly 30,000 users!

Every now and then I give a talk about something to do with Moodle. Among the most memorable events I've attended was the first Moodle conference in India. The founder of Moodle was in the audience!

Some highlights of my work over the past six years:

  • Authored and developed the course materials for the AuthorAID online course in research writing and proposal writing
    • I made use of the Moodle 'lesson' tool for the first version of the course and eXeLearning for the second version (in addition to being a Moodler I'm a teacher of scientific communication)
    • Additionally I developed quizzes, writing tasks including peer assessment, and other activities for the course
  • Facilitated AuthorAID online courses more than ten times since 2011
    • Since 2015 we have run this course as a MOOC four times and seen more than 4000 course completers from over 100 countries
    • Recruited and supported guest facilitators on the MOOCs
    • Set up logic to automatically issue certificates and badges to the course completers
    • Used Excel and R to analyse data from learning analytics
  • Authored two journal articles related to my work and gave talks at events in Canada, India, Ireland, Sri Lanka, the UK, and online conferences such as MoodleMoots
  • Supported INASP partner universities in Tanzania, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam to implement their own research-writing training programmes by conducting in-country workshops, helping with Moodle site installation, migrating the AuthorAID course to their sites, and guiding local course roll-out and facilitation (this work is described in detail here)
  • Served as a technical developer for other INASP online courses (one of which is reported in this conference paper); made extensive use of Moodle Book and H5P; provided support for course administration and facilitation
  • Finally I've been the site administrator on INASP Moodle from the very beginning
At the moment I have a mobile base in India. Email me if you'd like to say hello: ravi@uwalumni.com

PS. Wondering what "Turn editing on" means? When you want to create, add, or edit something in an online course on Moodle, you have to first click a link called "Turn editing on". I click this button a lot as a Moodle teacher and I'll probably never tire of it, so I've named my blog thus.

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