Thursday, January 14, 2016

Automatically link tips in a Moodle course or site

Imagine you want to include a bunch of tips somewhere in your Moodle course (or Moodle site) and you want these tips to be automatically linked whenever you mention the title of any tip, without having to manually include the link. Not only that, when clicked the link should bring up a small pop-up window with the tip, instead of redirecting to a new page. Sure, you can do that on Moodle.


This is what you need to do to set up this feature:

First, check the following settings using a site administrator account:
  1. Site administration -> Plugins -> Activity modules -> Glossary. Check “Automatically link glossary entries”. You may see this setting in two places on this page, and you can check them both. I think one of the settings is to make any new Glossary entry automatically linked by default.
  2. Site administration -> Plugins -> Filters -> Manage filters. Set Glossary auto-linking to On.
Then, create a Glossary with the tips. You can create a Glossary within a course or maintain a site-wide glossary somewhere on your Moodle site. If you've never used Glossary before you'll probably want to read up on it.

At iMoot 2015 I described how I used Glossary tips to help learners make sense of the stages of a peer assessment activity:

Glossary entries that pop up from links are center aligned by default, which makes long glossary entries difficult to read. See this post to learn how to change the alignment from center to left.

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